Alumni Association Detail

Vananchal Dental College & Hospital Alumni Association Garhwa, Jharkhand was established on 21st jan 2015.

The members of the association are:

  1. Chairman : Dr. Vijayendra Pandey
  2. Alumni Association president : Dr.Tanya
  3. Alumni Association secretary : Dr. Anup Kumar Singh
  4. Alumni association treasurer : Dr. Alok kumar Gupta
  5. Executive member: 1).Dr. Vikas kumar 2).Dr. Mahira khan
  6. Members: 1).Dr. Sandeep Shukla 2).Dr. Garima Sinha

Activities of Alumni Association:

  1. Arrangement of Health camps in rural villages of Garhwa
  2. In Health camps free medicine distribution on behalf of alumni
  3. Career guidance to Interns and Students in Higher Education
  4. Employability in Government and private sector
  5. Participation in Blood donation programmes
  6. Active participation Tobacco De-addiction centre
  7. Free treatment / free Consultation college adopted villagers
  8. Donation of Masks, gloves, sanitizers to the Doctors and students
  9. Free meals arrangement in Health camp patients
  10. Contribution of Prizes in College conducted Sports and cultural fests.